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About Us

At Topgun Veterinarian Service your pet will receive top of the line care. We are very accommodating to your needs and what is best for your animal. Mobile visits are available as well as appointments in the clinic! We treat all types of animals at our clinic and Dr. T specializes in equine medicine. If you are looking for a dependable, trustworthy, and wallet friendly vet- look no further! We are proud to serve York County and surrounding areas. 

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Our Story

Topgun Veterinarian Service, LLC was founded by Dr. Audrey Turbeville in 2019. Since then the practice has grown from mobile farm calls only to mobile AND a full-time clinic. The clinic opened in April 2022. We are the BEST vet for all kinds of pets! With three Drs in the clinic, we have the expertise your pet needs. Dr. Audrey Turbeville specializes in Equine Medicine while our other two Drs primarily focus on small animals. We are so excited to watch our business grow and we are forever grateful to the clients who made it all possible.

Meet the Team 

meet the team
Dr. Audrey Turbeville, DVM, Owner
Dr. Daniel Knox, DVM

Dr. Audrey Turbeville 
DVM, Owner 

Dr. Daniel Knox

Elly Wood, Practice Manager

Elly Wood 
Practice Manager

Angie Nelms
Farm Call Receptionist

Victoria Rose
Clinic Receptionist

Rachel Barney
Vet Assistant 


Alyssa Thomas
Vet Assistant 

Kaitlyn Hayes
Vet Assistant 


Jenna Ligon
Vet Assistant


Megin Harper 
Vet Assistant 
Certified Equine Massage Therapist

Everett Turbeville

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